Planned posts for the coming months

General Posts

Just to give an idea of the topics covered and features planned for this blog here a list of the coming posts (about two posts per months, so by end of 2020 the website should be most complete) and developments:

Economics of Investing

  • The assumptions of the First Welfare Theorem in Economics
  • Inflation and real and nominal interest rates
  • Taxation of labour and capital income
  • Investing and its implications for inequality
  • The role of capital owners and their responsibility in shareholder assemblies

Smart Investing

  • Financial investing vs. real estate investing
  • Selecting a broker
  • Stocks vs. Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)
  • The role of Dividends
  • Financial Derivatives for long-term investors: covered calls and cash-secured puts strategies
  • Exchange rate risks and hedging

Socially Responsible Investing

  • A dictionary of socially responsible investments (SRI, ESG, …)
  • A comparison of stock yields of socially responsible assets
  • A list of responsible investing stock market indices and ETFs
  • A portfolio of companies and assets for socially responsible investors

Developments and tools (developed using R/Shiny Server / Plotly / Highcharts)

  • Several live and automatically updated tables and graphs of yearly and monthly returns
  • Real-time socially responsible portfolio performance dashboard
  • Interactive charts on tax rates, transaction costs comparison and other useful tools


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