Robin Hood and Zorro – Investing to take from the rich and give to the poor?

Economics of Investing

While this idea might sound strange, it is interesting to note that claims combining investing with some sort of soceital justice argument has been received increased attention in recent years.

Look at the low-cost (and easy access, low entry requirements etc.) broker Robin Hood ( that is currently shaking up competition on the (U.S.) online broker market. Or Zorro (, a very useful software to test and implement trading strategies. The latter has as their slogans indeed the famous “Take Money From The Rich And Give It To The Poor”.

While obviously, trading for private investors is affecting their own income and return, the idea is to give private people also with less capital the chance to participate to the global economy through the stock market at a level playing field with the George Sorros and Warren Buffets of this world.

While interesting to see this movement, there is still a lot to be done to make this claim reality, but it is in line with our view on the potential of investing at contributing towards a more just society potentially.


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