About this website

This website follows a three-fold aim based on its name, good2invest.com, since we believe that

  1. From a scientific social and economic perspective, it is good 2 invest!
  2. We should spend a minimum time an deffort to become smart and good 2 invest
  3. You should choose something that is “good” 2 invest also for your personal ethics and values

Firstly, given low interests rate, inflation, it’s smart and good 2 invest to protect your savings and participate  from the economic growth. So it’s good 2 invest, from an economics perspective as we all ultimately own all capital and companies in the economy. The main welfare theorem of economics only holds if all profits of companies eventually accrue to the citizens.

Secondly, you should aim to become good 2 invest, meaning understanding the basics of investing, improving your financial literacy, and know the basics of investing, maybe even advancing your knowledge to find your own personal best choice of investment decisions. This does not mean spending hours daily on this, but setting up a sensible, cost-efficient and good investment portfolio for your personal preferences.

Thirdly, the values you consider “good” in your work, daily life, and consumption you should also apply to the good 2 invest in, so your money is not supporting activities or businesses you don’t support from an ethical/personal perspective.